About Us

We are a diversified bunch of people who have come together to question a lot of things about learning. Why should learning be restricted only to schools/colleges and for getting jobs and promotions? Why should learning stop after a certain age? 

Can learning opportunities exist only for professional development and salary hikes and not for a happy lifestyle and fulfilment? 

One thing that unites us is the passion to create exciting learning experiences by tweaking the bounds and constraints of reality. 

Our Philosophy

Lead As You Learn

Taking initiatives to share information and knowledge that you have with the team and mutually grow


Respect and nourish Individual ideas, skills and resources and channelise that for the common interest of the company and its customers

People First Approach

Search and associate the company and its members with the right people suitable for the company’s growth


Our Vision

  • To enable anyone to learn from anywhere
  • Be the most reliable and relevant resource of learning
  • With commitment and innovation, we aim to broaden the horizon of learning


Our Mission

  • To deliver innovative and experiential workshops accessible to everyone by creating a platform for experts and seekers to mutually grow 
  • To innovate and deliver unique courses, materials and resource for the student community across all ages and fields to help them develop their competencies

Our Focus


The numerous opportunities to learn anything. We aim to help everyone explore the endless possibilities of making something happen if you set your heart to it.



Getting in touch with your inner self and realizing what you truly need, to be the best version of yourself and helping others to do the same.



Create unique and interesting experiences by innovating various learning opportunities. Cultivate mindful practices and evoke peacefulness by creating and expressing yourself in creative ways.

Let’s Learn Together!

There’s joy in coming together for a purpose! When learning is that purpose, the joy is even more profound. Discover yourself by joining us on a journey of learning explorations. Skill x n = Joy x n 

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