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We at Skillxn, help in bridging the gap between those who would like to acquire a particular skill and the experts. We deliver experiential skill development opportunities anchored on insights from behavioral sciences and human centered instructional design approaches.

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Find suitable online or in person event as per your taste or interest from our offerings


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Found something which you always wanted to explore? Then simply register for the event.


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Now simply attend the workshop & explore the new skills & network with like minded people like you

About Us

Since 2020

We are a company that believes in the saying “Learning never exhausts the mind”. Our Ikigai (Reason for being) is to provide a thriving platform for seekers of all kinds to come together and share their knowledge. We aim to bridge the gap between learners and experts.

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Skilling for Life

Do you want to learn new and interesting skills? Got less time but plenty of interest? Choose any of our online workshops specially curated to deliver a unique learning experience in the comfort of your home or your city. Learn from the experts and also meet like-minded people in the community to exchange ideas and learn together.

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We have helped many people discover new skills or develop a passion for things



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There’s joy in coming together for a purpose! When learning is that purpose, the joy is even more profound. Discover yourself by joining us on a journey of learning explorations. Skill x n = Joy x n 

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